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Wild camping etiquette

  1. Never leave any rubbish or waste of any kind behind.
  2. Never make excessive noise, if you are playing music or watching TV ensure only you can hear it.
  3. Park sensible, so that people can use the parking bays around your vehicle.
  4. If you have to run your engine to charge your leisure batteries, do so during the day, and not at night or early morning.
  5. Don't use a generator unless in a remote place, as they are noisy and everyone will hear it. If you need mains electricity then you  need a campsite or a modern Honda generator which is very quiet..

Stopping over in villages etc

Motorhomers often love to stop over in local towns or villages whether its for shopping or to see the natural charms of a quaint village. When doing this it is recommended to buy some local produce or have a drink and maybe something to eat at a restaurant or local pub. Even picking up a few items at the local newsagent is good. This all helps promote the fact that allowing motorhomers to stop over generates income for the local area. So don't be shy in chatting to the locals and letting them know your stopping in the area. 


67 MOIRA ROAD, HILLSBOROUGH, CO. DOWN, BT26 6DX, t: 028 9268 2220

Wild Camping or Free Camping

Wild camping, or free camping is where you park your vehicle in an acceptable place, such as a beach car park, and camp for free. Camping is perhaps a misleading term. In most countries erecting a tent is not accepted, and you should ensure that all of your things remain in your vehicle. Sitting outside with a table and chairs is fine in some places but not other and above all common sense should prevail. The key thing is to make no noise and mess, leave the spot as you found it or cleaner.

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