About France

About France

France as a tourist destination
Mont Saint Michel, Normandy

For motorhome travellers in Europe, France
 is the  number one tourist destination, and it's not hard to see why this is. France has it allsomething for everyone. It has tourist sights for all tastes, has some of the greatest beaches
 in Europe, as well as the highest mountains and the finest monuments, beautiful cities and towns, fantastic castles, the finest rivers, and plenty more, not to mention some of the best places to eat, finest wines and more.
     France has something for everyone, . It has magnificent holiday opportunities for everyone  places such as Paris, Nice or Bordeaux, to a relaxed family holiday in  the countryside, a week or two's relaxation by the seaside, or an energetic break hiking, climbing, kayaking or cycling in France's great outdoors.

Cultural tourism in France

French museums and art galleries - which contrary to popular belief are not all located in Paris - offer a magnificent collection of works of art and artefacts; and for those for whom a holiday is an opportunity to discover Europe's historic heritage, France's great cathedrals, medieval castles, and thousands of other ancient monuments are a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.  There are scenic steam railways for people who enjoy a trip down memory lane. Check out the regional guides for information on sights, monuments and tourist attractions in each area.

The French seaside:

In July and August, France's Mediterranean beaches tend to be pretty packed; this is particularly the case in the famous resorts of Provence and the French Riviera. By contrast, the long sandy beaches of the Langueque offer much more legroom. Away from the resorts,  Brittany offers plenty of good beaches, with the added fun of tides and good waves; and France's Atlantic coast, south of the Loire, has plenty of long sandy beaches, in the regions of Poitou-Charentes and Aquiatane. South of Bordeaux, there are mile upon mile of fine  beaches. 

France off the beaten track:

If you want the life, culture and bustle of the big city, go to Paris. But  France is a lot more than Paris. There are plenty of places in deepest rural France that are still very much off the beaten track; and for camping holidays, . Five French departments (counties) that are particularly worth checking out are the Aveyron (Midi Pyreneeses region), the Haute Loire (Auvergne), the Corrèze (Limousin, the Jura (Franche Comté) and the Vosges (Lorraine): all these departments include sparsely populated areas, attractive scenery, and plenty of leisure opportunities - or just some great places to sit back with a glass of wine, relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Driving in France

France has an extensive network of motorways, and many of them offer relatively relaxed driving conditions, except at peak periods. Off the motorways, driving on France's backroads can be a way to discover motoring as it used to be, a pleasurable experience and a way to discover the country. Remember to check your gross weight as you could encur more charges if your motorhome is over 3500kg

For more information and an in-depth guide to France visit this very informative website   http://about-france.com/