Knowing Your Pub etiquette

Pub etiquette

In order to enjoy your first trip to the pub it’s important to know the ground rules.

Have respect for the Pub, especially in smaller out of the way places. The Pub is a meeting place, a social gathering, if you want to experience the Irish Pub start with respect for this institution and it’s people.

Step one-enter the Pub, take off your hat, find a stool and sit down. Now this doesn’t sound hard but the majority of tourist are so exited they turn people off. When you get to your seat relax and stay to yourself.

Step two-order a pint of guinness, If you don’t like guinness, order what’s available (smithwicks,harp,carlsberg). The older fellas will be drinking guinness, and the youngsters will be drinking  carlsberg or bud or guinness .(My brother ordered a smithwicks and was told it’s a nice drink for women) you also see a lot of people ordering a bulmers cider. My recommendation is order a pint of guinness and wait—-guinness takes time to pull–fill glass 2/3 let it settle—fill to top–settle–perfect pour –then served. Thank the barkeep. Don’t flash your money, do not tip, the barkeeps are professional and are paid as such, if you tip you will be targeted as an ignorant tourist.

Step three-enjoy your pint, read the paper, if there is a game on watch the tv, slowly drink your pint and drink in the atmosphere of the old pub that you’re in. The only one who is obligated to listen to you is the barkeep, don’t insert yourself in local conversations without being invited. You are being summed up by the locals, they are trying to figure out if you are a nice tourist interested in the local goings on, or a pain in the ass tourist.

Step four-be prepared to listen, I know, what are you being prepared to listen to. If you have entered the Pub and respectfully ordered your pint and didn’t make any one in the bar want to go and hide. Then some local will ask “what part of the states are you from”. Since you are visiting you will be treated as a guest. The chats will be different depending on the parts of the country.

Do’s and don’ts;

Do take your time and relax, hey your on vacation.

Do buy a round, If bought a drink return the favor, it’s expected.

Do wait to be invited into conversation.

Do laugh and enjoy a good chat.

Do stay at a hotel or B&B with a Pub, customers have access to the bar after hours.

Do remember you are not Irish, people born in Ireland are Irish. Example I am from Boston

I am an American with an Irish surname.


Don’t talk about the troubles, do feign ignorance.

Don’t expect the locals to put on a show for you, you are a guest act accordingly.

Don’t demand service, be polite. Thank yous are appreciated.

Don’t expect music in small towns, the tourist spots have trad music to, well, attract tourist.

the Pubs are the best institutions in Ireland, you have some of the best chats with all types of people, and remember, it never rains in the Pub.


So make the trip over and enjoy Ireland in your pride and joy whatever size or type of camper, motorhome RV you may have, It’s a beautiful, friendly, fun place to be, now that you know the rules that is. :)

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