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Bailey to auction off Approach and Unicorn after royal inspection

posted Mar 13, 2013, 4:00 PM by site admin

Bailey of Bristol's 65th Anniversary celebrations started on Thursday 22 November with a historic visit from Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, to the company's South Liberty Lane manufacturing plant.

Since the Queen marked her 60th anniversary on the throne last year with the Diamond Jubilee celebration, royal celebrations have been all the rage.

Admittedly, that's a hard act to follow, but Bristol-based Bailey Caravans has five years on the Queen and has been doing a pretty good job of celebrating its own blue sapphire jubilee over the past few months.

That's for 65 years in case you were wondering, long enough to make Bailey the caravan manufacturer the country's longest established UK independent manufacturer.

Yes, the company's currently in the middle of marking its 65th anniversary and, extending the regal theme, got celebrations underway in November with a visit from none other than Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh at its South Liberty Lane manufacturing plant.

The highlight of the trip was definitely their inspection of an Approach SE 760 motorhome and a Unicorn Cadiz touring caravan, two carriages fit for a queen.

In the latest development of this story, it appears that the tourers generated so much interest in the ensuing media storm that Bailey has made the decision to put both of the vehicles up for auction to its Retailer Network, All money bid over the specified reserve price will be donated to Bailey's chosen charity of St Peter's Hospice..

This means the company's partner retailers will have an opportunity to bid for both the Unicorn Cadiz and the Approach SE 760, with a view to then selling them on to customers.

Included in the package is a certificate of vehicle authenticity, a framed photograph of the Queen in the caravan or motorhome, an opportunity to take the very same Royal tour of the Bailey Factory, and a special lunch with the company's directors in Bristol.

All in all, that's quite a haul for fans of both the monarchy and Bailey's selection of caravans and motorhomes.

Even though the public won't be able to bid on either of these two vehicles, the company currently manufactures over 7,500 units a year, so you'll still be able to get your hands on either model, even if yours doesn't come with a picture of the Queen inside.

The Royal Party received a guided tour of the main assembly line, meeting a number of the Bailey production team members in the process, and also went for a spin in an Approach SE 760 motorhome.

Bailey say that since the visit there has been a great deal of interest over the future of the vehicle and so it has decided to put it up for auction to its retailer network.

Bailey retailers will be invited to bid for the famous Approach SE 760  motorhome with a view to securing it to sell on to a lucky customers who will also receive:
  • A Certificate of Vehicle Authenticity
  • A framed photograph of Her Majesty the Queen in the caravan or motorhome
  • An Opportunity for a "Royal Tour" of the Bailey factory
  • Lunch with the Bailey Directors in Bristol
There will be a full Bailey Marketing Support package for the successful Retailers to promote the sale of the vehicles.

All money bid over the specified reserve price will be donated to Bailey's chosen charity of St Peter's Hospice.