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French Breathalyzer law (the farce ends)

posted Feb 6, 2013, 11:37 AM by site admin

 French Breathalyzer law  (the farce ends)

24. Jan 2013. French interior minister Manuel Valls has announced that application of the controversial new breathalyzer law has been postponed sine die - i.e. indefinitely.
   Supposedly it bacame obligatory, from last summer, for all vehicles (including motorbikes) driving in France to carry a breathalyzer or alcohol-level test. The law came into force on 1st July 2012. But no-one in authority had bothered to enquire whether the manufacturers of such kits could actually produce them in time. They could not! Consequently, though the law is there, the introduction of on the spot fines for not having a breathalyzer in the car was delayed until Nov. 1st.  then it was postponed until March 1st 2013. Now the issue has been quietly swept under the carpet. !
    Single-use certified breathalyzers are now becoming available in supermarkets, chemists and garages throughout France, at a cost of about 1 €uro each. So the cost is minimal. 
   Contrary to information posted on some sites, the new law (Decree no 2012-284) does not oblige drivers to self-test after having a drink. But those who plan to self-test to be on the safe side should have at least two breathalyzers in the car, if not more.