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Giving Motorhome tourists a real taste of britain

posted Mar 2, 2013, 4:47 PM by site admin

Brit stops for anyone spending time over on the Uk mainland could well be worth subscribing to as a years subscription is only a decent camp sites fees for a night, here is the low down 

Imagine staying overnight for free at great locations such as farm shops, vineyards, country pubs, breweries, craft / antiques centres and many more! With Brit Stops you can enjoy safe, welcoming motorhome stopovers at hundreds of host sites all over Britain.

When you order your copy of Brit Stops, you will receive a dated windscreen sticker and of course the annual Brit Stops invitations guide detailing the many local farms, vineyards, breweries and other interesting stopovers that are host members of Brit Stops.

Fully updated and published each March (membership lasts until the end of February each year), the Brit Stops guide offers safe, free, enjoyable overnight stays in interesting locations all over the UK - and the great news is you only have to use it a couple of times and it's paid for itselfClick here to get your copy of the guide now!

  • To promote direct contact and a positive relationship between
    motorhome owners and local producers who provide or process
    regional products or provide services to the community
  • To promote the diversity and richness of the different British 
    regions to a broader public
  • To improve recognition and understanding of our regional products and culinary traditions, both at home and abroad
  • To encourage sustainable tourism through our links with local

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