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Savilles Motorhomes enter administration

posted Feb 5, 2013, 7:30 AM by site admin   [ updated Feb 5, 2013, 10:46 AM ]
As we now know Savilles was placed into administration over the weekend and they will be sadly missed, below is a statement from Savilles

Without Prefjudice 
Its is with deep regret that the directors of Saville Motorhomes have had to place the company into administration. 
As some of you may know we were involved in the zero rating of new motorhomes for disabled customers who were wheel chair users. Although we followed all the requirements set out in Vat Notice 701/59 to the letter, HMRC vat have stated that the specific modifications carried out by us and listed as acceptable examples in their vat notice are in their opinion no longer "subtantial" enough. Despite our various business/tax consultants being comfortable with our case, HMRC vat have decided to disregard case law and previous court cases which they have lost in order to pursue Savilles. 
In our opinion and that of our tax advisors we believe HMRC intend to make a test case of Savilles at whatever cost. We have unfortunately been left with the decision to either pay HMRC several hundred thousand pounds of VAT which is not due to them and which we never had or go to court to prove our case. Our advisors have estimated legal costs would be well in excess of one hundred thousand pounds and could result in a long and protracted case. 
Both as a company and as private individuals, and despite our principles, we can not expose ourselves to such uncertain costs and have come to the painful decision to place Savilles into adminstration due to HMRC actions. 
We would like to state that no disabled customers who purchased their motorhomes with zero rated vat are liable to pay any vat to HMRC. 
Finally we would like to thank all our customers, employees and suppliers for their support over the years since Savilles was founded in 1945. 

All customers vehicles are on site and can be collected from the administrator Keenan Corporate Finance. Please call 028 90447153 to arrange a time for collection.