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Vehicle Weighing in Northern Ireland

posted Feb 11, 2013, 7:35 AM by site admin
As we all know it is very easy to exceed our maximum weight in the campers/ motorhomes or RV's so it is very important to know what weight we are when full loaded while driving ont he roads in Ireland or  if we are heading of to France, Germany etc in our campervans. In Northern Ireland our Motorhomes can be weighed in quite a few places like most quarries , scrap yards etc all will have weigh bridges and most wont mind you checking your weight some may ask for a couple of pounds.
The DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency ) maintain a network of some 13 Dynamic Axle Weighing Machines situated throughout Northern Ireland. 

These weighbridges operate on a "Dynamic Axle" principle, which means that axle weights are measured automatically as a vehicle is driven very slowly over a ground mounted sensor plate. The weight of each axle is then captured by computer and displayed to the driver on an external digital display. Upon completion of the weighing process the equipment electronically totals this information, to provide the vehicle with an overall vehicle weight. 

Weighbridges located at Toome, Belfast, Loughbrickland, Sprucefield, Nutts Corner and Larne also provide free "Self Weigh" facilities that enable drivers to voluntarily check the weights of their vehicles at any time. 

DVA's enforcement officers regularly carry out compulsory weight checks across the province to ensure that vehicles comply with legal weight limits. This work contributes to improving road safety by stopping the continued movement of dangerously overloaded vehicles on Northern Irelands roads, regulating fair competition within the haulage industry and reducing damage to bridge and road networks.