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We’re not penniless alcoholics who want to terrorise’

posted Apr 2, 2013, 12:22 PM by site admin

A member of the Irish Camping and Caravan Club (ICCC) has reassured Limavady Road residents worried about the conversion of a former Army helipad to a campsite that “caravanners and motorhomers are not poor alcoholics who enjoy terrorising local inhabitants or causing trouble.”

Dermot McElmeel of the ICCC Northern Branch said the proposed St Columb’s Park facility will boost tourism and jobs which has to be a welcome move in these times.

He believes Londonderry missed out in 2007 when the ICCC attracted 1,400 caravans and motorhomes from all over Europe to a ten day rally in Cork which was a great sucesss and brought in a lot of revenue to the area.

He claimed most of these people toured all over the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland but few came to Londonderry because facilities were not available.

Mr McElmeel made the statement after Limavady Road residents objected to the camp site because they thought it would be turned into a Traveller halting site after Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013.

In a letter to the Sentinel, Mr McElmeel stated: “Let me assure local residents that the proposed caravan park will not become a ‘halting site,’ as some have suggested.

“There is massive demand for a quality caravan / motorhome park within walking distance of the city centre. In 2007 the ICCC attracted 1,400 caravans and motorhomes from all over Europe to a ten day rally in Millstreet, County Cork.

“Most went on to tour around Ireland, but few visited Derry/ Londonderyy.

“Caravanners are not penniless alcoholics who enjoy terrorising local inhabitants. Most of us have worked hard for many years and want to enjoy the different cultures that Europe has to offer whilst spending our hard earned savings.”

He claimed that caravanning/ motrohoming offers an opportunity to disconnect from the rat race and just chill.

“It widens our perspective of life and creates memories of a lifetime. The ICCC wishes Derry / Londonderry every success in taking its rightful place as a world class tourism destination,” he wrote.